For the first 45 years of its existence the Society offered undergraduate training, whilst for the last 55 years it has focussed on apprenticeship and postgraduate programmes. Now, in response to renewed interest, it has developed an undergraduate programme that reflects changing educational practices. Our course is structured so that it permits students to continue with their existing responsibilities (be that work or family) whilst they are studying.

A significant proportion of the course consists of both directed and self-directed learning, whilst attendance at taught sessions encourages peer-group learning, debate and dialogue, rather than being ‘taught’ – all of this is supported by engagement in ‘learning in a clinical environment’ from year one.

The course reflects structures and standards as found in Higher Education Institutions in the UK but for the time being the Society has chosen not to seek university validation. The reasons for this are in part financial and in part a matter of retaining independence – however it remains alert to changing expectations and the programme has been developed by members who have experience in degree course design and programme validation.

Prospective students should be aware that this is a course in ‘Nature-Cure’ and therefore does not include an in-depth study of herbs, homeopathy or biochemical supplements. It does however accord with the ‘Naturopathic Core Elements’ as adopted by the General Naturopathic Council and therefore entitles them to be registered as a naturopath. Students wishing to practice using such additional modalities will have to undertake postgraduate studies elsewhere.