The ISRN is a society set up to preserve and promote the philosophy, principles and practice of Thomson-Kingston (TK) Nature Cure.

The ISRN is a founder member of the General Naturopathic Council (GNC); the regulatory body for naturopathy in the United Kingdom.

It is a society of Nature Cure practitioners and supporters who believe:

  • Nature heals and maintains health.
  • All healing comes from within.
  • Synthetic vitamins, supplements or other remedies should not be taken or prescribed to cure, to imply a cure or to maintain health.
  • The use of such remedies dis-empowers, disenfranchises and detracts from the recognition of Nature’s healing processes.

The Society recognises that its individual members may emphasise different approaches but that all adhere to the basic tenets, principles and practices.

Full Members of the Society are subject to stringent conditions of entry and are bound by the bye-laws.


  • The Society shall be called The Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths (ISRN) and shall be managed by a committee consisting of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and two other members (which number may be increased at the AGM) who shall be elected for a three year period at an Annual General Meeting of the Society. No member may serve for more than two terms. The Committee is empowered to co-opt other members as appropriate.
  • All Committee Members are eligible for re-election.
  • The powers and duties of the Committee are laid down in the MEMORANDUM AND ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION
  • All applications for membership shall be considered by the Committee whose decision shall be final.
  • The Committee may invite any person to submit an application at a later date, after further appropriate study of a subject or subjects and/or after further practical experience if this is felt to be appropriate. It will oversee any necessary training, assessment and examination.
  • The necessary reasonable travelling expenses of all members of the Committee on committee business, except on the occasion of the Annual Meeting, shall be defrayed from the funds of the Society.

Categories of Membership
There are four categories of membership comprising Full, Associate, Honorary and Friends:

Full members: those who have graduated from the ISRN or other bodies and who adhere to its philosophy, principles and practice.

Associate members: practitioners trained by the ISRN or other Natural Therapeutic bodies whose practice is informed by the ISRN philosophy but who may have divergent approaches.

Honorary members: supporters of the ISRN who the Society has invited to join in an honorary capacity because it is felt their background, support and beliefs enhance the aims and objectives of the Society. An honorary member may be accorded voting rights where approved by other members at an AGM.

Friends or Students of the ISRN: individuals who are sympathetic to the principles of the ISRN and wish to support its aims and objectives.


Membership Fees

  • Membership Fees are due for payment within two months of the AGM.
  • Where fees remain outstanding after six months, membership will deem to have lapsed.
  • Failure to pay fees will preclude them from Society meetings and after one year their name will be removed from the membership list.

Re-instatement of lapsed members

  • Members of the Society, who have allowed their membership to lapse, while in good standing, shall be re-admitted without penalty, subject to the consent of the Committee.

Rights of the members

  • All full members of the Society shall be entitled to nominate and vote for candidates for membership of the Committee. Members of the Committee must be full or honorary (voting) members of the Society
  • All members of the Society shall be entitled to attend the AGM and to take part in discussions. However, only full and honorary (voting) members shall have a vote in matters directly involving the management of the Society.

Professional Conduct
Full members may describe themselves as:

  • Nature Cure practitioners,
  • Registered Naturopaths and/or as
  • Members/Associate Members of the Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths

They may only addend such initials to their name, as are generally recognised by the GNC, or are academic qualifications, or as meets the approval of the Society.

All members will be required to update their skills in accordance with the requirements of the GNC or as laid down by the Society.

Individual advertisements require: name, address, telephone number, e mail and membership details of the appropriate professional body. Adverts must at no time contravene current advertising regulations.

The ISRN has a disciplinary procedure in place. A copy may be obtained by writing to the Secretary.

Change of Bye Laws
Any motion, signed by three members of the Society, to change the constitution of the Society must be presented in writing to the Secretary at least one month before the Annual General Meeting at which it will be considered. Any such change will need the approval of two thirds of the full membership.

(Revised April 2012)