The Nature Cure Trust (formally The Thomson Kingston Trust) was founded in 1961 by the ISRN as a registered charity (200058). The objectives of the Trust are:

a)  To promote and encourage the study and practice of Naturopathy:

b)  To foster advancement of the knowledge of Naturopathy by promoting appropriate research.

c)  To promote and further education of both students and fully-qualified practitioners in Naturopathy and in the general practice of Nature Cure and Natural Healing.

The Trust honours the work of pioneer naturopaths James C Thomson and his son C. Leslie Thomson. James C Thomson founded the Edinburgh School of Natural Therapeutics in 1914 and the Kingston Clinic in 1938 where both students and patients were guided towards improved health using the naturopathic method. Much of the literature written by the Thomson’s has been recently edited and are available to download here.

The valuable work of the trust has been made possible through the generosity of past patients of JCT and CLT and of other ISRN practitioners.

The Nature Cure Trust still welcomes donations to further the work of naturopathic education and training and can provide grants for eligible students and patient’s who may require assistance.

The Trustees are:

Alison Jowett

Annette Jowett

Joanna Thomson

David Tinsley

Alexander Johnson

Thomas Waring

All communications can be sent to 36 York Road, Acomb, York, YO24 4LZ.