The Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths is the oldest society of its type in Britain. Our membership is made up of a group of practitioners who practice both in the United Kingdom and overseas. We work constantly to maintain the principles of “Straight” Nature Cure in our practices and this informs our relationship with our patients’ and how we approach their treatment.

We are deeply concerned at the deteriorating health of the population in general, with ever-increasing cases of chronic life-threatening diseases affecting younger and younger people. Our belief is that so many of these disease states can be avoided with a sensible and honest approach to diet, lifestyle and the way that acute illness is treated.


Whilst we firmly believe that quality of human health is the result of the individual’s lifestyle we also recognise the influence on that person’s health of their genetic inheritance. If you accept the forgoing, it is easy to see how the improved health of successive generations is a fundamental responsibility of us all. While with lifestyle changes, and the right support, huge improvements in health can be made, it is always better if we have been fortunate enough to have had a good start in life. So as a logical follow-on, as parents, it is our responsibilty to be as healthy as possible to give the best start and future opportunities  for our children.


Our approach is holistic and any consultation will include all aspects of a patient’s life. Where they live, what they eat, what they do for a living, how much they exercise, how much sleep and rest they get, the quality of family relationships and much more will be discussed and taken into account when advice is given. We see our role as educational as well as supportive.


The type, source and quality of our nutritional intake, our environment and daily activities all have a direct connection with both individual health and that of our wider community. We believe that living on a diet made up of organically grown whole-foods makes a fundamental contribution to our own health and also to that of the soil, and ultimately to the health of successive generations. There is no place for convenience foods, part foods and non-foods in a healthy diet – despite what the clever advertising might tell you. Living on denatured foods, often with pesticide residues and low-levels of antibiotics is a major contributor to the low-grade health that demands more hospitals and medicating health-care in our society.


Our observation in over 100 years of practice, including 50 years of residential treatments is that if well cared for, the human body is extremely resilient and capable of incredible self-healing processes in its maintenance of good health. Human are highly evolved beings with what sometimes seems like an endless potential, but even we still need to avoid or remove the basic causes of illness if good health is to be achieved and maintained.

With this in mind, we regard many acute symptoms such as fevers, if understood and carefully handled, as being in themselves, the healing forces of the body at work, and as such should be intelligently respected.  Suppression of important symptons with medicines and remedies can too easily lead to low-grade health and chronic disease.


Our members have had at least four years of training covering subjects such as anatomy, physiology, dietetics, hydrotherapy, manipulation, exercise, fasting and counselling and are advisors of positive self-help programmes.

We encourage our patients to be actively engaged in their own health, they will not be expected to passively accept some treatment handed out in specific doses. As the individual gains greater self-confidence and awareness of their health they will learn to embrace and appreciate their own innate healing potential.