July 26, 2015 untangledwebn

The ISRN Anniversary conference was a huge success

The Marriott Hotel York proved to be an excellent venue for the event, we held our conference meetings in the business suite,
and we also had a lovely break-out
area for meeting other delegates, whilst enjoying the amazing refreshments. The chef worked really hard pulling together not only the refreshments but lunch and evening meal to our Nature Cure specifications. So a big thank you goes to the Marriot staff for helping to make our event such a success.

The Saturday evening meal was a very convivial affair and this included the Presidents Address. For those of you who were not present, John has very kindly let us have the script, which you can read it in our latest newsletter.

We were very fortunate to have John talk at the conference and it was inspiring to hear of his way of life, and how he teaches others the value of making life style changes in order to raise the body’s vitality.

The impressive line up of speakers made the 80th conference such a success, drawing in delegates not only from around the UK but from abroad as well.

There was a lot of interest in the event and unfortunately some people couldn’t join us because of a clash of events or they weren’t able to make the journey to join us. But what this illustrates is the number of people who are aware of the impact their lifestyle and nutritional choices have on their health.

Increasing numbers of people are wanting keen to make changes to improve their lives and the Nature Cure message has stood the test of time. Since its establishment in 1934 the ISRN has been promoting life style changes for better health. Often seeming like a lone voice of reason in an often chaotic world.

This is set to continue as the AGM on Sunday covered items on the best way to take the ISRN into the future.

There will be a new and this will give members an opportunity to promote their practice and provide a focal point for any one interested in Nature Cure in all it’s aspects. The new site will be more interactive allowing news feeds, on-line seminars and potentially live chat among members. The website will be used there to support ISRN member.

Further developments will be made to the courses offered and these will be rolled out in due course.

New members will be encouraged to contribute to the organisation, ensuring the ISRN continues for another 80 years!

So thank you for joining our 80th anniversary celebrations and if you didn’t make it this time please try to join us in October or April 2016, either as a speaker or a delegate. Play a part in growing the ISRN into the organisation you would like it to be.