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Sheila Wallace ND

I went to work at Kingston Clinic in 1976, having heard about Kingston’s approach to Nature Cure at Enton Hall where I worked for a short while. I arrived, green indeed to the Kingston ways of natural teaching and living, and it transformed my approach to life and health.

I had been brought up in Edinburgh only a mile or two up the road from Kingston, yet had never encountered its philosophy or practice.

I worked alongside Mr C Leslie Thomson and Mr Alec Milne and give thanks for their experience, teaching and wisdom to this day.

I learned much from the patients too, as there were so many stories of remarkable restoring to health, often after years of conventional treatment.

Over the years I brought up a family along Kingston lines and in 1996 I completed the post graduate naturopathic course organised by Mr H. Leslie Harrison in conjunction with a number of other Kingston-trained naturopaths.

After Kingston finally closed I helped to organise and run 2 annual ‘Kingston Fortnights’ with Alec Milne in Boat of Garten where I went to live. These continued for approximately 10 years.

In 2005 I studied at New College in Edinburgh and my husband and I now live in Blair Atholl in Perthshire where I work as a nature cure practitioner and also work periodically for the Church of Scotland.

Orchard Cottage

Blair Atholl


PH18 5SG

Contact details: 01796 481647