November 2, 2015 untangledwebn

New ISRN logo

This logo represents a fresh flowering of Nature Cure; we felt it was time for a new logo to represent Thomson Kingston Nature Cure and the long-established Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths as it moves into its second century. We are at the start of a new awakening of interest in true alternatives to orthodox medicine and many more individuals are seeking ways of achieving and maintaining health in a more natural way. Our National Health Service is struggling; antibiotics are meeting ever-greater resistance due in no small part to over-use and the big multi-national pharmas, so often the shining knights of the past, are being exposed as corrupt far too often.

Nature Cure is a complete lifestyle choice so, of course, any logo would have to reflect this. The basic philosophy is that Nature Cure puts the patients in control of their own life and health. It enables them to be far more aware of how the environment in which they live affects their health, and how it does in so many different ways. Equal importance is given to all aspects of their lives and as a result as they become more aware of those influences. There will be far less tolerance of the many imbalances that affect their health and a real desire to address those imbalances.