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Annette Jowett ND

Having grown up in a family with parents and grandparents who were great believers of the intrinsic natural healing power of the body and a father who is a graduate of the Edinburgh School of Natural Therapeutics, my interest in natural healing was nurtured from an early age. I firmly believe in the delicate interlinking and balance required between the physical, physiological and psychological aspects of living incorporating mind, body and spirit for good health and quality of life.

Having a passion for living naturally I have lived an alternative lifestyle all my life and understand the strengths and challenges that this way of life can bring. I have brought my four children up healthfully without any medication, caring for them through childhood healing crises using entirely nature cure methods which gave me a wealth of practical knowledge.
Initially taking a diploma in dispensing optics, I worked as a dispensing optician for many years before taking the opportunity to retrain. I undertook a four year postgraduate diploma run by the Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths with some of the foremost Edinburgh trained Naturopaths in Britain. I then went on to further my training and knowledge undertaking a 6 month sabbatical in Australia to study natural healing methods and lifestyles at the Academy of Natural Living run by Dr John Fielder.

Along with my nature cure training I am a qualified massage and Bowen technique practitioner which enables me to give support through the physical crises which may occur on the way to recovery.

During a consultation I will take a full health case history which will enable me to guide you through the dietary, exercise and lifestyle changes required for you to improve and maintain your health naturally. Follow up appointments will continue to guide and support you and your family, through life’s challenges, towards gaining your optimum health.

36 York Road
YO24 4LZ
01904 788 411