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Alex Johnson BSc (Hons) Ost

Born to Principal Dancers of the Royal Ballet, Alex grew up with osteopathy playing a prominent role in the maintenance of his family’s general health. This heavily influenced Alex’s early desire to become an osteopath and he subsequently started his training at the British School of Osteopathy in 1999. From 2000 onwards he also began studying classical osteopathy at the Institute of Classical Osteopathy, as well as the philosophy of Nature Cure.

Graduating in 2003, Alex started working for a prestigious member of the BSO in their well-known Osteopathic Clinic in West London. He also opened his own clinic in Chiswick, at the same time. He completed his postgraduate training in Classical Osteopathy in 2006.

Following the death of his father to Pancreatic cancer in 2007, Alex has been continually striving to understand the requirements for health and the causes of disease.  From 2009 he has continued his in-depth study of Nature Cure, Natural Hygiene and Biogenic Living with his mentor, John Fielder at the Academy of Natural Living in Australia. He was awarded full membership of the ISRN in 2015.

Alex runs his West London Osteopathic practice using Classical Osteopathy and ‘straight’ Nature Cure methods. He advocates the natural management of all acute crises without suppression. In the management of patients with chronic disease, he focuses on the removal of the causes of toxicity in order to promote the ideal environment for the body to heal itself.

Alex’s wife Jasmine trained in osteopathy and is a qualified yoga teacher. Together they had a natural home birth for their daughter Skyla and Zennah. As a family they live in accordance with the principles of nature cure, and have not sought medical intervention of any kind for fifteen years.

Alex Practices in Chiswick and Stroud:

Health and Happiness
6 Ramilies Road
W4 1JN

Paul Camp
Sevenleaze Lane

Contact details and 07946722777