August 11, 2021 untangledwebn

Dr. John Fielder – Honorary Principle of the Nature Cure Trust

John Fielder ND DO

Immediate past president of ISRN, INHS and INCS

For too long, decades in fact, Nature Cure and its practitioners have lived in the shadow of Naturopathy, an alternative form of medicine. The time has come for NATURE CURE to be known in its own right:

A distinct form, entirely different from all forms of so called healing – an alternative to all forms of medicine. Nature Cure is not Alternative Medicine, but an Alternative To Medicine.

We, the members of this society, take this opportunity to present to you the History and Philosophy and Practice of the Society so that you may then know that there is an alternative to all forms of medical treatment, be it so called “natural” or otherwise.

By keeping you informed of this invaluable service we hope that we may assist you in your search for and access to, better health.